Christmas Prayer  
  The baby lies quietly in his crib – the hunger pangs now gone. He is tightly wrapped as was the custom of his time. I watch from a different time and place. I “see” from that wondrous part of the mind that transcends human reason.  
  His mother tenderly strokes her baby’s face as he slumbers. But now he opens both eyes wide as he senses another pair of eyes upon him – my eyes. He smiles in return as I smile. With a catch in my throat, I hear myself say to him, “My Lord and my God.” Words now fail me as I gaze upon my Savior …… and yours.  
  How? Why? Why would he give up his kingship to enter our world and take on our limitations? It is literally beyond understanding. The cross? I can’t get past the cradle!  
  My heart is tender with love for this helpless infant. I know all that he will suffer before returning to his heavenly home. He has yet to grow in wisdom and understanding of his Father’s plan.  
  I ask Mary if I may hold her newborn if only for a moment. With no hesitation she picks up the Baby Jesus and gently places him in my arms. What perfect joy to be in such intimate contact with the Prince of Peace, the King of Kings, the Savior of the world. He gazes into my eyes and I feel completely and totally loved. This baby with his all encompassing unconditional love is our only hope. HE is the reason for the season! Amen.  
  Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Written by Sharon Martin

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